It’s Not Summer Without You Audiobook

It's Not Summer Without You Audiobook

SERIES: #2 of Summer I Turned Pretty
NARRATED BY: Gavin Casalegno, Lola Tung

It’s Not Summer Without You SUMMARY

It’s Not Summer Without You – Belly was ecstatic when Conrad, the son of her mom’s best friend and the boy
she’d loved for years, finally kissed her. But when Conrad’s mom dies, he
withdraws from everyone and eventually disappears completely. Not sure where
to start looking, Belly and Conrad’s brother Jeremiah figure Conrad’s college is a
good place to start—but they soon learn he’s actually at the family beach house.
When Belly and Jeremiah find Conrad, they realize he wasn’t running away—he’d
come to keep the house from being sold. Belly’s romantic feelings for Conrad
begin to resurface even as she’s growing closer to Jeremiah, and as emotions run
high, it’s unclear if things will ever go back to normal—especially when a real
estate agent shows up. vavime audiobook